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Mr Raindrop, animated story

Dani Bowman Bio (1995, La Canada, CA)

Dani Bowman is a 16 year old junior in high school with autism and a love of animation, illustration, and creating fun entertainment for children of all ages. Dani founded Powerlight Studios at age 11, and has been working professionally since age 14, partnering with Joey Travolta, and teaching animation to others with autism at his summer camp program. Dani has a full slate of regular high school classes with a 3.8 GPA. Dani aspires to be the Temple Grandin of her generation, working to change the world's perception of autism and demonstrate all of the special abilities that people with autism have while striving for acceptance and integration within society and employing others with ASD at Powerlight Studios. Visit Powerlight Studios at www.powerlight-studios.com.

Artist's Statement

Most everything I create is like building a new invention. I am a creative artist with tons of imagination in different kinds of flavors. Autism does not halt me from expanding my universe. Because I'm Autistic, I have been surrounded by static, which makes it hard to make friends and to be social, but I work hard to find the way out of the ominous jungle to find the sunlight. Who am I? I'm the visual thinker Dani Bowman, the diva of my imaginary world...that I want to share with you.

Artwork by Dani Bowman

Autism Field of Dreams poster

Autism Field of Dreams poster by Dani Bowman

Change the World

Change the World by Dani Bowman

Pani Lin

Pani Lin by Dani Bowman

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