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D J Svoboda

My name is D.J. Svoboda. I am the creator of the Imagifriends of Imagiville. The Imagifriends of Imagiville are based on the experiences I have faced during times at school. There were days at school when I was made fun of, and when I was picked on and treated mean. Those made me feel very sad and hurt. That is how I got the idea of the Imagfriends of Imagiville...D.J.

You can see more of "Imagiville" here.

Artwork by D J Svoboda

Hot Drinks!

Hot Drinks! by D J Svoboda


Juggler by D J Svoboda

Shake Your Tail

Shake Your Tail by D J Svoboda


Mupporezmo by D J Svoboda

Big Field Freinds

Big Field Freinds by D J Svoboda

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