Arthur Simo

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Arthur Simo

Arthur is a teenager self-taught artist and he has autism. Art gave him a way of showing his feelings the way he perceives the world around him. He is unpredictable and funny with a great imagination, taking him on a wild journey, exploring everything he touches. He uses paper, crayons, markers and watercolors. Every painting has a story that take you on an adventure. It is a vision on a wild journey with no rules and no directions. Authur's style is outsider and naive. He invites you to join him and collect his art. You can find his art at:


Artwork by Arthur Simo


Burgervilla by Arthur Simo

Happy Land

Happy Land by Arthur Simo

Heart Music

Heart Music by Arthur Simo

Cat Family

Cat Family by Arthur Simo

Yellow SubSneaker

Yellow SubSneaker by Arthur Simo


Angel by Arthur Simo

Best Buddies

Best Buddies by Arthur Simo

Happy Feet

Happy Feet by Arthur Simo


Rooster by Arthur Simo

Mosquito Jam

Mosquito Jam by Arthur Simo

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