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Reaching Out - Reaching In, Volume 17, 2014

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July 2014


STiLE Fall Term Register August 1

Beginning and Intermediate Jewelry Expressions

Making it Tasty Cooking

Art and Communication

Friday Night Socials  

If there is an interest, we offer a Garden to Table training at the Riley Campbell Memorial Garden at Alton Baker Park too. 

Visit to sign up.
contact Molly Elliot for more info

'Active Bachelor' and 'Women on the Go' Series: a group of trainings to help young men and women achieve their life goals, schedule TBA

Friends and Family Camp

Our unique Friends and Family Camp is filling up. There is still room for you, but I recommend registering sooner rather than later.

There a few new elements at Camp this year. After much feedback, we will be having an earlier campfire especially for those who go to bed too early for the regular campfire. The craft committee will have new projects to go along with the terrarium making from past years.

This year we will be augmenting our regular Friday - Sunday bus with a special bus for Saturday Only guests. These guests may be uncomfortable staying overnight, or just able to handle only one day of fun at a time. Our mission is to serve all the spectrum, and this option will help us do that. Both these buses have limited seating and are first come first served. Call the Hilyard Center to reserve: (541) 682-5311

Another new element is maybe not so good. The camp owners - the Boy Scouts - have decided the mattresses in all the cabins are just too decrepit (true) to ever be slept on again. So they threw them all away! . And they are NOT replacing them. All the folks reserving cabin space will need to bring a sleeping pad along with their sleeping bag to be comfortable on the wooden bunks. The cabins still stay a little warmer and feel a little safer than the outdoor three sided shelters or Scout tents. But you will want a sleeping pad or air mattress of some kind.

I have attended all of KindTree - Autism Rocks's Camps, since 1997. This is our/my 18th Camp. Yet every year I am amazed at the sense of community that develops, at the complete acceptance of everyone's differences, at the universal recognition of all our commonalities.

People choose which of the activities to participate in, or not. People have healthy, delicious food to enjoy without having to cook. People share their talents, help as volunteers, sing and play and swim and create just as much as they want to. Friendships develop, connections happen between families, learning/stretching happens with every individual.

These results are the same goals we strive for in our STiLE Program, in our Art Program and our Support Groups - even in our fundraising. We strive to empower families and individuals to reach out to the world and to reach into themselves, finding strength and acceptance, confidence and knowledge, purpose and joy.

It's what we all want. Come find it with KindTree.

Thanks for listening, Tim Mueller







Space still available for KindTree - Autism Rocks Friends and Family Camp

2014 Online Registration OPEN

2014 Registration form here  (PDF)
(print this form, fill out, and mail with your payment)

2014 Fillable PDF Registration Form
(fill this form out online and click to e-mail / send payment separately in the mail.)

read more below

Community Calendar
see listings online

Ryan Crain CD Release Party 
Ryan Crain CD Release Party - Sunday, August 10th, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

  • CD Release Party

    Original music from Ryan Crain

    “I Left My Heart in New York City”

    Sunday August 10 5:00 - 6:30 PM

    Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard, Eugene

    $3 admission


    With Special Guests: Melissa Farley | Mary-Minn Sirag | Tim Mueller


    All Access Dance August 2014 
    All Access Dance August 2014 - Tuesday, August 12th, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

    Wondering where you might meet people to hang with?

    Wondering if you might ever meet a girl / boy?

    Wondering if there is anywhere to go to have some fun?

    Wonder no more!


    D J Avatar will rock you!

Friday Night Socials:

starting September 12 - Second Friday of every month: 5:30-7:30 PM,
at Reality Kitchen,
645 River Rd., Suite 2., Eugene. LTD bus #51, Join others for a free night of pizza, comedy, and music.


Autism in Oregon. Why the High Rates?

By Amber Perry

Oregon is one of the five top states as far as the rate of Autism goes. The other four are Minnesota, Maine, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Oregon is the second highest behind Minnesota. And Lane County is one of the highest counties with Autism rates within the state, if not the highest.

One reason for the high rate in Oregon is educational labeling, where there is no requirement for a medical assessment prior to special services enrollment in schools. Our students are being labeled Autistic when they may have other diagnosis. And kids who are not autistic but are misdiagnosed and labeled as so, may keep kids who are Autistic from accessing limited services.

Another reason is families and autistic individuals relocating here to take advantage of the many services and resources Oregon offers Autistics and other disabled individuals, as well as those on a fixed income. We have it much better here than most of the rest if the country. We have Disability Rights Oregon, the Disabilities Commission, Autism Society of Oregon, Mindfreedom, NAMI, and we are starting an ASAN Chapter. We have a bronze medal-winning bus system as well as many taxi services, as well as RideSource for those who cannot handle the buses. Transportation means a lot to non-driving autistics and others. We also have many great food banks as well as push nutrition and its benefits, both on life and the digestive tract, which are important for Autists. Many have digestive issues and we have a great selection of gluten/casein free and soy, etc. free options. Lane County alone has four wonderful health food stores. Here we teach cooking classes to help individuals eat healthier and how to get the most out of their food benefits. (See the STiLE cooking group options)

And speaking of food, how many states have a Food Organization dedicated to putting nutrition into their citizens' stomachs? Not many. Food for Lane County has a local dining room, which is free for people to eat at. And the quality and quantity of the food probably tops most other soup kitchens in this country. The Mission is great as well. Many churches provide lunches, etc. as well. This helps stretch our food at home some also.

With the services and resources as well as the ease of getting into special education services, Oregon is experiencing a population boom among Autistic individuals like never before and the numbers will continue to rise with time.

More iconversation at the KindTree - Autism Rocks BLOG:

News Headlines
March 2014


Art Shows today

October 4 - March 28, Pacific University, Downtown Eugene Campus, 40 E Broadway #250, Eugene

February 5 - March 27
      Willamalane Adult Activity Center, 215 West C St., Springfield, Oregon. 

March 2014
      WOW Hall, 291 West 8th Ave, Eugene

March 2014
      OSLP Lincoln Gallery, 4th and Lincoln, Eugene


At Territorial Vineyards and the Springfield Museum in April

TREE by Rosette Wolf

I am a tall and beautiful tree.

The rainforest is my home, and for many years I have had to fight for my place in the sunlight. My branches stretch upwards, reaching for the sky, each leaf is an idea, small faded half formed thoughts mingle with deep green plans and stories. My branches are home to many creatures; good and bad, small dark snakes and bright colorful birds, creeping spiders and large and small mammals. The creatures belong to me, but I do not belong to the creatures.

My roots seep down into the earth, at first pale and blighted by past mistakes, problems yet unsolved, and worries yet unspoken. But through the tangle of sickness my true roots break through like the sunlight through the clouds and they grow deeper and deeper down into the center of the earth.

All throughout the year my tree is blooming, bright flowers in gold, red and pinks, blues, purples, and greens. My flowers bloom big and beautiful, and with each breath of the wind I share my seeds with the world.


$500 in Matching Funds

A loving donor has offered to match the first $500 donated to the Riley Campbell Memorial Fund to support Autism Frinds and Family Camp scholarships.

Be the first one to take up the offer and DONATE!

A family of 3 is $210

Board of Directors Openings
Kindtree-Autism Rocks has seats open on our Board of Directors. Have fun while making a difference in our community! For more information about joining our board, contact us at, or

STiLE Spring Term

CLASS BEGINS April 7TH – Register NOW!
STiLE groups this Spring Term, registration available:

Beginning Jewelry Expressions
Jewelry Expressions

Visit to sign up.


Autism Artism 2014

Mountain Valley - Larry Hurst

Fog - My Favorite Season
Chuck Roehrich

Radiance - Candy Waters


Mother's Day Card Sale

Amber Pappas

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Melissa Dahl
Nora Blansett
Mother's Day Special Order one of these loving designs and we will write in your personal message in a lovely font and mail it, too!

Mary-Minn Sirag

We will send the card a week before Mother's Day! Love Your Mother

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KindTree Awarded
Wells Fargo Grant through the U of O.


Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Special

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Community Calendar
see listings online

Mask Party October 27, 2pm Cozmic

Autism Artism 2014 
Autism Artism 2014
 - Saturday, April 5th, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

Music by Frankie Sharp, Deano and friends
snacks, fun,
Mayor Piercy,
special guests,
KindTree's "Thanks to You" award winners and more

Meet the Artists, too!

Images of the successfully juried-in pieces can be seen here...

 All Access Dance - Tuesday, April 8th, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Wondering where you might meet people to hang with?

Wondering if you might ever meet a girl / boy?

Wondering if there is anywhere to go to have some fun?

Wonder no more!

Cozmic Pizza!

D J Avatar will rock you!

A Decade of Autism Artism - Friday, April 11th, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
Event Image
Location: Springfield Art Museum
Start Time: April 11, 2014 at 5 p.m.
End Time: April 11, 2014 at 7 p.m.
Price: free

Frankie Sharp
Dress up!!

 PROM 2014 - Saturday, May 17th, from 7:30 p.m. to midnight 

Tickets HERE NOW!

Sign the guest list on Facebook


Come dance with your friends like you haven't since High School.

A 21 and over Adult Event

Autism Acceptance Month

by David Olson

April has been celebrated as Autism Awareness Month since the 1970's. This, among other things, has made autism into a household word, and has brought into being much research and supports for those who experience autism. Many people are recognized as autistic who may not have even been considered for a diagnosis prior to this increased awareness. It has even caused autistic people to come together and find our own voice.

However, I believe that awareness only goes so far. It does little to ensure that the research being done is helpful to autistic people that currently need supports. It also does not ensure that the supports and therapies offered are actually helpful, nor that they do not cause harm to those they are intended to help. Awareness does nothing to reduce the stigma that comes along with autism, and it does little to make the voice of the autistic community heard.

In 2011, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) proposed simply changing one word to address these shortcomings. Change awareness to acceptance.

The core principle of acceptance, of course, is to reduce stigma. We in the neurodiversity movement wish for all autistic people to be able to celebrate themselves as the unique individuals they are. Only through acceptance and comfort with ourselves can we strive to achieve our full potential.

I believe acceptance has much farther reaching potential than just that, though. By listening to the wants and needs of the autistic community, research can be directed toward more useful goals. Supports and treatments can be improved with greater insight into the autistic mind. Communication between autistic adults and parent communities can and does promote a greater understanding of autistic children, as well as creating more effective parenting methods.

Please join me this April in celebrating Autism Acceptance Month. If you are autistic and willing to talk about it, talk to people about autism. If you are interested in autism, talk to an autistic person, and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as come to mind.

Share this wherever you can. Together, we can better understand each other and make a better world for us all.

"When there has been room in my brain for a while for all that is going on, it’s hard for me to recognize, or believe, that it’s eggshells starting to fall apart around me, yet again. "
Mary-Minn Sirag 


STiLE logo

Autism Community News

KindTree's Board and volunteers at work, planning for our future

Frankie & Deano at the Arc Banquet






Available at



Let's Make 2014
the Best Year!
January 2014

in this issue:

Headline News
Event Calendar
Valentine's Day Art Opening
Pool Party
Autism Artism 2014
PROM Coming!!
Pro Golfing Open Tickets
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Mother's Day Card Sale


Help support the work we do. We can't do it without you!

STiLE Garden to Table group


I work with young men on the autism spectrum. I hear from them, and others, that there are too few opportunities to meet people and develop friendships. KindTree - Autism Rocks wants to help fix that.

So we will be featuring as many local events/activities as we can gather (send your calendar notice to and share them with our community. We will also post them on our upcoming events web page. We'll do our best to keep up with your information. We publish about once a month.

And to the right we've listed a bunch of events coming up that you will join us at, I hope, as well as events and activities in the Eugene Adaptive Rec Program info on the left. The All Access DAnce happens every second Tuesday of the month. Our art openings are especially fun, free, and not too late in the evening, either.

Come on out...

GOLF! for KindTree

August 18-24, 2014
The inaugural WinCo Foods
Portland Open!

The future stars of the PGA TOUR will swing through Portland and tee it up at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club's historic Witch Hollow course next summer. Thanks to the Nabisco TICKETS Fore CHARITY™ and GOLF Fore KIDS programs, 100% of your ticket purchase will benefit KindTree - Autism Rocks.

The WinCo Foods Portland Open is more than just a golf tournament, it's a community-wide celebration for the whole family to enjoy! By attending this important community event, you will be supporting KindTree - Autism Rocks. We will receive the funds monthly, so the sooner you purchase, the sooner we will benefit! Tickets also make great gifts!

Don't miss your chance to see the Future Stars of the PGA TOUR and contribute to KindTree - Autism Rocks. We look forward to seeing you at Pumpkin Ridge in August 2014! Buy Tickets Now Right HERE!


Mother's Day Card Sale

Amber Pappas

Juli Krasinski

Melissa Dahl
Nora Blansett

Love Your Mother

Mary-Minn Sirag

Mother's Day Special

Order one of these loving designs and we will write in your personal message in a lovely font 
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Event Calendar

All Access Dance February 11
All Access Dance February 11
Cozmic Pizza

Fun, friendship, dance!

Gala Art Opening
Feb. 14, 2014
"The Best of Autism Artism"

With refreshments and Frankie Sharp! On display 2/5 - 3/27 at the Island Park Gallery.
23 artists!

Feb. 21, 2014

Hosted by the Eugene Women's Soccer Club at Sheldon Pool. Raise funds for KindTree while having fun with your friends.

"On the Edge"
Art Show
WOW HALL in March
Some of the most edgy art we have...
Autism Artism 2014
Gala Opening April 4
New art by people with autism from Lane County and beyond. Music by Frankie and Deano.
Autism Rocks PROM
May 17, 2014

Save the date. Tickets available online NOW. The best day of the year!
Autism Rocks
Family Camp

August 22-24

Registration for the best weekend of the year begins in mid-March.
Start planning now!



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  5. $500 supports our office or storage expenses
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All of Us

“I see fatigue as a balloon filled with bad breath. Dreams are infinitesimal holes punctured by sleep that ever so slowly fizzes out the foul-breathed fog.”

- Mary-Minn Sirag

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