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Reaching Out - Reaching In

March, 2016 PDF click here

From March's "I Am Autism" by Alexandra O’Shannon
"As a patient with Asperger’s my job in those fifteen minutes is almost equally as frantic as the doctor's short time with me. I have to advocate for myself, explain my disability in a manner that supersedes the current stereotypes that saturate the public preconception of the term “autism,” I have to explain my medical challenges and concerns in a fashion that makes sense to a doctor and reflects what I want out of my care, and also do it in a manner that doesn’t indicate I am secondguessing their medical expertise. The issue with my task list is that it requires a certain skill-set known as Theory of Mind."
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October, 2015 PDF click here

From October's "I Am Autism" by Eric Wahl...
"The real disaster began when I was enrolled in a Roman Catholic day-school at the age of 3.5. During my 2-year tenure there, I engaged in random acts of inappropriateness. I was hyperactive, uncontrollable, and constantly providing entertainment for my neuro-typical classmates, what with my constant arm-flapping and arm-biting and talking to myself. Two of the teachers there were actually fired because they were unable to control my volatile behavior."
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