Scholarships Closed for Camp 2017

KindTree’s scholarship committee, composed of community advisors, KT Board members and members of the KT Camp team, has awarded all full and partial scholarships for 2017. KindTree was able to support 15 campers and caregivers attend Autism Rocks! Friends and Family Camp because of generous donations by the community to the Riley Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund.  KindTree thanks our donors!

Donations received after July 15th will begin to accumulate towards scholarship funds for next year’s awards.  Campers who were awarded scholarships for 2017 will not be eligible for full scholarships in 2018, but may still apply for partial assistance.

The KindTree-Autism Rocks Skills Training for an Independent living Experience program (STiLE), functions as an educational program for adults with autism and others with developmental/intellectual disabilities. Established in 2013 to meet a service gap for adults living with autism in our community, the mission has been to provide skill training to encourage community engagement, independence, productivity, creative expression, health, work readiness and independent living. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through advocacy, art, education, recreation and community participation. View the upcoming trainings on the calendar feed on the home page.


STiLE Skill Trainer Profile

William Davenport is a documentary filmmaker, musician, publisher, writer, teacher and autism activist. He is best known for his documentary films about autism, also for his work as the publisher of Unsound magazine. William recently moved to Eugene from California and was hired immediately to teach the Performance Art and Video Production training. William has Master Degrees in both Instructional Technologies and Special Education along with additional training in autism with Dr. Garcia and Professor Dr. Wolfberg, the creator of Integrated Playgroups. He has worked as a special education teacher and the Executive Director of Autism Social Connection, a non-profit based out of San Francisco. William’s film company, Talk Story Films, has produced eight feature documentary films including Too Sane for This World and Citizen Autistic. He is currently working on a collaborative project with Autism Women’s Network. You can view his work on Vimeo.

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