A Few Facts About Autism

Scholarships Closed for Camp 2017

KindTree’s scholarship committee, composed of community advisors, KT Board members and members of the KT Camp team, has awarded all full and partial scholarships for 2017. KindTree was able to support 15 campers and caregivers attend Autism Rocks! Friends and Family Camp because of generous donations by the community to the Riley Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund.  KindTree thanks our donors!

Donations received after July 15th will begin to accumulate towards scholarship funds for next year’s awards.  Campers who were awarded scholarships for 2017 will not be eligible for full scholarships in 2018, but may still apply for partial assistance.

  • Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects development in core areas, especially language and social communication. A brain development disorder, it is typically recognized as early as three years old, although many people do not receive a diagnosis until later in life.
  • Recent estimates suggest ASDs are diagnosed in 1 of 68 Americans (actual prevalence rates are likely higher), and 1 in 42 boys have an ASD. In fact, boys are five times more likely to have a diagnosis than girls, because their symptoms present differently.
  • Autism is considered a “spectrum disorder” and encompasses classic autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Development Disorder.
  • People who experience autism often encounter difficulty maintaining employment or accessing community opportunities.
  • Autism can adversely affect social and communication skills, as well as cause repetitive behaviors and/or restricted interests. In addition, many people with autism describe atypical sensory processing.
  • ASDs are also commonly associated with a range of unique strengths, such as a fine attention to detail, strong inductive reasoning skills, logical approach to problem solving, and specialization within a particular area of interest.


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